"...He prayeth well, who loveth well, Both man and bird and beast.

He prayeth best, who loveth best, All things both great and small;
for the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all..."

The Rime of the Anchient Mariner -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Official Invitation-Cleared but not mailed

Chapter 4--The Begining of a new Begining

My Peace Corps Placement Officer called & left a message, letting me know my Legal Hold had been lifted off of my file (thank you DD214). She wanted to confirm that I was still available for placment into an earlier program departing in Mid-August (vice September)!!

Since I was not @ home when I listened to the message, I called my brother/lifeline to look up what countries were departing in August from PCWIKI. Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala & Dom Rep. After a couple of phone calls, I felt that August sounded fine.

My Application Status Toolbox notes all the checkmarks are complete, but the Official Invitation has not been mailed YET! I should get it in the next 3-5 business days!! That is when I will find out exactly what my assignment (job), country, and departure date will be.

A lot of positive life-changes have happened this week (Last Day @ work, 200mi Relay & Peace Corps Placement)! All of my impending deadlines & dates have come to a close & I'm glad that I've been busy enough to avoid obsessing over them.

Next week my focus is to get my house-hold goods storage set up, have a massive garage sale, and follow-up with the sale of my home... should be going to Closing anyday now.

BTW, I really like the programs available in Panama or Guatemala...I hope i get one of these. Dom Rep is technically in the Carribean, so I will likely not go there (but who knows). Nicaragua has a 31AUG departure & since she said 'mid-August' departure...this may not be it.

Whereever I end up going, I'm sure it's exactly where I am supposted to go! Updates to follow.

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